• Thrilled to have added to my representation with Lydia Blanco and The Blanco Agency who will be representing me in LA and Southwest/Southeast markets.Excited about this new partnership.

    • Jim Daly and Fatima Wilson with whom I've been with over a decade will continue to represent me in New York.

  • Making Audible debut in Mark Greaney's new new thriller "Armored". "Armored" is now available on Audible

  • Completed filming of "Hamlet" in December 2021. Check out the new trailer for the film! 

Recent roles


  • Sin Fondo" Film. Cast as Felix in this Mexican horror film directed by Victor Gallo. Written by Gallo and David Lavine. Stars Laura Carmine and Manuel Masalva. Wrapped filming August 2021. Coming Spring 2022.. 

  • "Kokomo" Film. Cast as Pa in this coming of age story set in Coney Island, NY. Dir. Farah Jabir. Wrapped shooting August 2021 on Coney Island, NYC. Coming Spring 2022. 

  • "To You" Film. Cast as Max in this beautiful film by award winning Iranian filmmaker Fatemeh Hosseini. Shot in beautiful Savannah, GA (March 2021). In Post-production for Part 1 of film.

  • "Anything That Moves". Cast as Charro Guerrero in powerful father/son story. Written/directed by Maximiliano Guillen. Shot in rural Texas (June 2021). In Post-production. Coming for festival circuit Spring 2022.

Eliud is a New York based film, TV and stage actor. A native of Monterrey, Mexico and raised in Texas, he remains close to his Mexican and Texan roots. He is equally comfortable on a TV or film set as he is on  a stage. He enjoys working on both comedic or dramatic projects. He relishes and seeks out characters and stories that are meaningful to him. Stories that explore, challenge, analyze traditional male, paternal or Latino roles. Stories and characters that are not always easy or comfortable to tell or explore, but important.

Upcoming Projects

  • Cast as Adrian in feature film "Regarding Veronica". Written and directed by David Beck. Shoots in New York Spring 2022.